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Christmas. Date: Dec 24th @ 4:55pm EST
So many things to say so many things but I can not find the way to start ... this year was incredible for me, and it was all thanks to you, it's hard to start a new year when you left so many things in the old year, but everything is a new Start, new opportunities and good intentions to be a better person every day, at Christmas we worry about having a gift, when in reality we do not see that we have had a gift every day, I want to say that the best gift is a good company, a good Talk, a big hug, a kiss, a tip. Being with important and special people for us, sometimes we do not have good times, but this does not mean that good times will not come. We are human beings and we become complicated by things that are not important, and we neglect the things that are really important. I feel happy right now, because I can have the privilege of bringing a smile, an emotion, an orgasm to people who need this, because I also need it, we all need a little fun, love,Company and everything else that needs to be said. We are what we want to be, sometimes we make mistakes, we all do, we all hurt important people, but when we try to change to correct these mistakes, this does not show that they can be better people every day. I feel happy to share part of myself and my life with all of you! E knows incredible people here, and for that I must thank. I hope you have an incredible Christmas, with special and important people. I wish you an amazing Merry Christmas. i hope my english was good.
thank Date: Dec 18th @ 11:28pm EST
I thank everyone here for making my dreams possible, now I'm ready to study again in 2016, for making all this possible my peace once again, thanks to my new Studio and flirt4fre that I allowed work with them :) now my past bad things were at the site where correspond. I hope my great purposes. flirt4free change my life :)
omg my first blog here.. Date: Sep 2nd @ 11:05pm EDT
I had never made a blog. For everything there is a first time, it's amazing to have a year here in f4f and be so successful, and this I owe to you! and I met people who come to my heart and my other cock haha ​​but seriously thank my alfritiones..yo am the reflection of you, I am no good here! the good are those who see me every day!
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